Carmel Signature Mediterranean 2 Vats Rose Blend ’19

The 2 Vats series is based on Mediterranean grape varieties, which are exceptionally well suited to Israel’s climate. An aromatic blend produced from 33% Tempranillo, 30% Grenache, 29% Marselan, 6% Caladoc, and 2% Chardonnay. The wines were developed in 2 large, stainless steel vats, without oak aging, to retain the fruity character of the grapes. The integration of varieties in this unique blend have produced a delicate, floral and fragrant rose’ wine, displaying slight tropical aromas and refreshing acidity.

The Vats series are wines produced in limited quantities, and marked by Mediterranean style innovation.. Unique techniques used by winemakers in order to produce wines that are fruity, rich and refreshing.


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