Hafner T.B.A. Chardonnay Barrique ’02

Our 2nd “CHAMPION” in Israel! The BEST noble sweet wine and Trophy Winner of the Int. Wine Challenge 2008
Int. Grand Champion 2008, Mediterranean Wine Challenge
Trophy Winner
Double Gold Award Terravino
Burgenland Sweet Wine Competition  – TOP 10 AUSTRIA
Again an innovation: a kosher T.B.A. in Barrique (small oak casks)! Storage for 60 (!) months in french oak. With the same style of wines and equal high-quality, we could win already 3 Worldchampion titles and also this first kosher version of highest quality could win already a great prize! To be a CHAMPION in Israels most important wine challenge, to be the BEST NOBLE SWEET WINE (competed by kosher and non-kosher products of all over the world)

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