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Explore the exciting world of Israeli wines, with the newest offering from Barkan, their Barkan Gold Cabernet Sauvignon, to Isaacs Ram Cab, Castel La Vie Rouge, and Yarden Cabernet, everyone will be impressed with your good taste and wine savvy, and you’ll be tickled all over because of the savings.
 Barkan Gold Cab. Sauv., Binyamina Bin Shiraz, Binyamina Chardonnay Reserve
Castel La Vie Rouge, Galil Mountain Merlot, Hai the Patriots Res. Cab. Sauv.,
Isaacs Ram Cab. Sauv., Montefiore Kerem Moshe, Nadiv Reshit Rose
Teperberg Essence Malbec, Yarden Cab. Sauv., Yarden T2

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